In an interview with the BBC, Kanye West said he has been testifying in his own defense against defamation charges by Kanye West’s attorney, claiming that the rapper’s lawyers were trying to get him to “destroy” his reputation by calling him a “fucking racist” and a “racist ass clown”.

He also claimed that his lawyer was “in the process of destroying my credibility”, adding that the lawyers “have to be able to do it in front of an audience”.

The interview is being shown to the BBC on Monday. 

In his statement, which is the first public statement from West on the matter, the rapper said that his “legal team have been working to destroy my reputation and reputation of being a human being who stands up for my values, who stands against bigotry and who speaks truth to power”. 

He added: “They have been trying to do this for years and years.

They have not been successful.”

The rapper said he had been forced to “take a stand” because his mother had told him that if he were to come out publicly about the alleged allegations, he would be “destroyed”. 

“I’ve been given no other option,” he said. 

West also addressed the allegations of his alleged racism by his lawyer, James Esseks, and said that the charges were “not just an attack on my character”.

“I have a lawyer who has been working for years to destroy the credibility of my character and I stand with the law and the facts.

And if I want to be a good human being, then I want my family and my friends to be good human beings,” he told the BBC. 

“That’s what I’m going to do.

I’m not going to stand by and watch it happen.

I know my mother knows what’s happening.

She’s going to speak out.

She has done that before.

I’ll be fighting for the people that I love.” 

According to West’s statement, Essek’s attorneys filed a lawsuit on May 18 alleging that West had committed “acts of defamation” and that West’s name was defamed by “insulting the plaintiff’s family members, friends and associates, using racist terms, and making racially insensitive comments about Ms. West”. 

In response to the lawsuit, Esselks released a statement that said he is “furious at the accusation of defamation, and it’s a blatant attempt to destroy Kanye West and his family and allies’ reputation”. 


to Esselk’s statement: “The statements of the Defendants are defamatory and without merit.

This lawsuit is being filed in order to force the Defendants to remove their false and defamating statements, including that Kanye West is a racist and an asshole, and that the Defendants’ racist statements were defamated.

The Defendants have not yet done so, and I am working with my legal team to stop this. 

The Defendants’ defamation lawsuit is part of an attempt to silence and destroy Kanye.

The Plaintiff’s family and friends are being intimidated, stalked and harassed, and will be forced to leave the state in fear for their safety and livelihood.” 

West has since issued a statement on the claims. 

He said:  “All the accusations made against me in this lawsuit are completely false and without any merit.

I am confident in my legal representation that I am innocent of the allegations, and this lawsuit will prove it.” 

Eseks released his own statement on Friday, which he said was not directly connected to the West case, but was “not surprised” by the allegations. 

Escheks added that the “residual actions of the Defendant’s lawyers and their attempts to undermine my credibility, my ability to defend myself, my family, and my business have been in vain”. 

The BBC has contacted the West family for comment. 

You can read the full transcript of the interview below.

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