The show’s second season premieres Sunday, and while it’s already been renewed for a third season, its third season will also include a new, prequel to the story.

In the episode, the cast and crew will tell a story of the show’s third season that will be centered on the events of “Empire.”

The show’s writers and producers are also working on a story that will explore the events surrounding the assassination of Vice President Andrew Johnson, which would be the series’ first time dealing with a president assassinated in the first three months of his presidency.

The episode will also examine the events leading up to and after the assassination, as well as how the President’s assassination became the catalyst for the rise of the Confederate States of America.

It will be written by David Chase, who also penned the first two seasons of the series.

Executive producer Julie Plec has previously told THR that the plot for the new season will be about the events that took place during the assassination.

“I think the story of Andrew Johnson’s assassination is one that has never been told before, and we will explore that in some detail in the season three,” Plec said at the time.

“There will be a lot of history that will unfold.”

The new season of Empire is expected to be produced by a group of veterans of the NBC television studio, which also produces the network’s dramas such as The Office and the hit drama Parks and Recreation.

The new season could also see the return of former NBC executive producer/executive producer/showrunner Alex Gansa, who worked on the first season.

Gansas’ credits include the upcoming series UnREAL and a movie called The Blacklist, which is based on a book by the same name.

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