JOSHUA BUCKLEMAN/AP FILE Former life coach and clinical psychologist Joshua Buckleman says a doctor told him to use a black salt spray to treat a baby with a severe bacterial infection.

Buckleman says he was in the process of putting together a PowerPoint presentation when he was diagnosed with the infection.

He told the doctor the black salt would give him a temporary immunity.

“He was like, ‘It’s called black salves,'” Bucklemann says.

“He said, ‘You need to do this.'”

He also told him, ‘This is a life-saving tool.’

“Bucklemann says he had never heard of a black skin salve before.

But after using the black salVE for three weeks, he began to feel better.”

I had no symptoms of infection, and I didn’t have any side effects,” Bucklemania says.

Buckleman went back to work at a health-care facility in Colorado and began teaching his son to eat healthier and exercise more.

He started seeing other doctors, and eventually, the doctors who prescribed him the salve started asking about his story.”

When you ask about my story, you get a lot of questions, but there’s also people who just want to get their facts straight and to be heard,” Bucklegman says.”

They just want some answers.

“Bucklemania says he never told anyone about his treatment.

He says he only knew he had the infection after his son tested positive.

He was prescribed a second dose of the salves and began feeling better.

Bucklesman says his son and the doctor continued to work together after the salVE wore off.

He started seeing people, and finally, BuckleMania was told to write down the details of his treatment at the time.

Bucksman says it wasn’t until later that he learned about the salvia story.

Buckermania says his story is one of many that’s been told in recent years.

He says the story about how black salvia has helped people recover from other infections is one that he hopes will help others who have similar symptoms.”

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It can help us to heal.”

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