NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said she will continue pushing for U.S. support for Israel in its fight against Iran.

In a question-and-answer session on her campaign website, Clinton answered questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Middle East and the Israeli and Palestinian people.

She said she would push for U,S.

policy toward Israel and the Palestinians to be more consistent with U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, which the Obama administration voted to endorse in 2011.

“Israel has every right to defend itself.

Israel has every reason to defend its borders.

It has every legitimate interest to be in the region, and Israel’s right to be there is enshrined in its charter,” Clinton said.

The U.s. backed the resolution, and it passed the Security Council, but it has been controversial in the U.n. and elsewhere, as well as the Middle Eastern.

Clinton is currently seeking the Democratic presidential nomination against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has called the resolution a “disaster” for Israel, and has opposed it since it was passed in 2011 and the Obama Administration has pushed for a more forceful approach toward Iran.

The U and the world have long supported Israel’s security and is a key partner in fighting terrorism, Clinton said in her answer.

“The U-N resolution has been a catalyst for many of the countries in the Middle-East to be able to move forward in peace, to be successful, to advance their democratic aspirations, and to move towards a future where the region is one nation with one set of borders and one set, one set for the Israelis and the rest of the world.”

“The Us. must be prepared to go where the good guys are, where they will lead,” Clinton added.

But in her answers on her website, she did not directly answer whether she would support the U.-N resolution, which she called “very good.”

Clinton, who will appear on the campaign trail in Iowa on Wednesday, said she is committed to working with Israel on all fronts and “the best of friends.”

Her campaign website says she would also work with Israel “to support and advance the United Nations resolution to sanction the Iranian regime for its destabilizing activities in the world, including its ballistic missile program, its support for terrorism, and its support of regional regimes and terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah.”

She also said she supports the U-S.

plan to deploy the USS Porter, a massive U.e. destroyer that was deployed in the Persian Gulf to support the Israeli strike against Iran, to deter Iran’s nuclear program.

While the U S has long supported the Jewish state, the Trump administration has recently pushed back against it.

During a March 25 speech, Trump said, “Israel is not Israel.

Israel is a failed state.”

He called on the U s to end its support to Israel and said he would withdraw from the U .n. unless the U upped its support and withdrew its “provocative” actions in the area of the Middle Gulf.

Trump said the U had no choice but to take the path of confrontation, and called for the destruction of Iran.

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