COMEY testimony from former FBI Director James Comey could have a big impact on President Donald Trump and Congress.

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Comey on Tuesday, and Comey is expected to make a final statement later this week.

Here are the key moments from the hearing:The hearing began with former FBI Special Agent and witness James Connell, who was fired by Trump in May, testifying.

Connell said that Comey sent him a text message, “You are fired.”

Connell testified that Comey then told him, “I hope you’re well.”

Comey also testified that he sent Comey a memo, “In response to your inquiry about the propriety of the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, I have written to you.

In light of the extraordinary nature of the inquiry I must respectfully decline to participate in further public statements concerning the matter.

This includes future public testimony about the matter, but also potential future private communications.””

I am not sure what is in that memo, but I can tell you that I did not make any recommendation to the attorney general,” Connell added.

Connell was fired as a result of the email exchange with Comey.

“He’s not a liar.

He has lied to me many times,” Conner said.”

It was a personal matter, he was angry at me, and he had my back,” Conners mother, Barbara Connell told the committee.

The Trump administration, however, has said the memo was never sent and the president fired Comey based on that email exchange.

The Hill has reported that the president has been trying to discredit Connell and Connell’s mother by claiming he made the decision to fire Comey based off an unverified dossier of allegations that Comey fabricated stories in his investigations of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

A day earlier, in response to the claims, Connell tweeted, “This is a desperate attempt by the Democrats to distract from the fact that they are hiding behind the phony ‘allegations’ from the phony dossier.”

Connell’s testimony is the latest indication that the Trump administration is trying to paint the FBI as a partisan institution, even though there is no evidence that the bureau was politically motivated in its investigations.

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