The BBC has released video of a keynote address by Apple co-founder and chairman Jack Dorso, where he lays out the company’s strategy for building the Apple Watch.

The speech was delivered on February 11, 2018.

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in September 2020, making it the company first to launch an Android Wear smartwatch.

Apple’s strategy includes the use of a “glass” screen and a new, thinner, curved design that can be used to better track and measure people, including when they’re working.

Watch face The Apple Watches display will feature a new curved design, called the “glass display”.

It will also be a “superior display”, with a screen that’s 5.5 times thinner and more flexible.

The watch will be able to display data at 60Hz, 120Hz, 480Hz and 640Hz, making for an impressive 5.4mm thickness.

The display will also come with a new app called “Lucky 7”, which can be accessed from the watch face.

This app lets you access the “lucky 7” statistic and lets you know if you’re winning a game.

The new Apple Watch faces are still being developed, so you’ll need to look for specific examples in the app store to see them.

Watch faces The app also lets you add new watch faces to the watch, and will have a “New Face” section for users to share their own creations.

The “lunch” section will feature “lunches”, which will be available in the morning and evening, and “courses”, which have a similar layout but include courses from the night before.

This means you can have a day in which you are working on a particular project, and another in which the same project is completed, with the new “lune” showing you which is going on in your personal life.

Watchface customization The “Lunch” and “course” sections will be redesigned to have a new menu option, so it will show you all your favourite recipes, as well as suggestions for what you should do with those dishes, such as how much salt to add to them, how much sugar to add, and what to cook it for.

It will be a great way to customize your watch face, as you can choose how often you want the app to show you recipes, and how long you want it to be available.

The Watchface section will also have a different design, with a different color for the watch faces.

It’ll look much like the iOS app menu.

For example, the menu will look a lot like the App Store menu, but the apps will have different names and will be labeled differently, as shown in the image below.

This will be an important change to the app, as it will be the only way to change the look of the watch.

There will also also be new functionality for “lurking” on the watch: when you’re not wearing it, you can unlock it by tapping the “battery icon” on top of the screen.

The app will show how many days have passed since you last accessed the Watchface, and it’ll also show you what time you are awake and if you are connected to the internet.

This new functionality will be accessible through the Watch Face section.

This functionality is being tested with beta users, and there are also beta tests going on right now.

The beta test will be limited to the beta users at this time.

Other features will include a “Luna” function that will show the time in real-time, and notifications from the WatchFace will be visible in the status bar.

The feature is being worked on by a team from Apple, and is not planned to be released at this stage.

The design will be based on the original Apple Watch design, but with a few design elements borrowed from Android Wear.

Apple also plans to use the hardware in the Apple Wathes to power a number of other apps, including its new health tracking app, and its Health app for Android Wear devices.

Watch Face design will include the new curved screen, which will look much different from the current curved screen on the Apple TV.

There is also a “slider” section in the watchface, where you can adjust the size of the “watch face” in real time.

This feature will be similar to the “app drawer” functionality found on the Android Wear Watch, but will be much more intuitive.

The device’s display will be curved as well, so that it is taller and more curvaceous than the current Apple Watch display.

This is a good sign, as curved screens are easier to use, and the new design will make it easier to see and use.

There are also new features in the Watch Faces section, such a “lone star” section, which lets you search for certain people, or other individuals.

The screen will also display a “star rating” on your wrist, with each

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