When President Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey in May, his critics seized on the timing as an opportunity to undermine the bureau’s independence.

While the White House initially denied any wrongdoing, the public became aware of the existence of a memo detailing his conversation with the former FBI director during a meeting last week.

A day later, Comey himself wrote in a tweet that the president had “created a situation where the FBI is in a very vulnerable position.

We are in the process of finding ways to keep it that way.

The American people deserve that.”

The memo’s existence is the subject of a motion to dismiss in the special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, but a decision is not expected for months.

The timeline for impeachment testimony is a useful tool for readers trying to determine the impact of Comey’s firing.

Here’s how you can use the timeline to determine whether or not Comey is being held to account.

The Timeline The timeline contains dates for testimony in the case.

Each of the dates below is a link to a news article, a video, or a photo from the case itself.


The day before the Trump firing, February 20.

Comey’s first public appearance in public since being fired.

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews him at a news conference.

The president says he fired Comey because the former director was trying to undermine his investigation into Russian interference during the election.


The following day, February 21.

Comey says he told Trump that he did not personally know Russia was meddling in the election but that he was told that the FBI was investigating.


The next day, March 1.

Comey gives his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee.

He says he was fired because the president asked him to “let go of this investigation of Michael Flynn.”


The same day, April 3.

Comey tells the Senate Intelligence Committee that Trump asked him during a phone call to stop investigating Flynn, then-national security adviser, for potential links to Russia.


The morning of April 4.

Comey announces that he is quitting as FBI director, ending a seven-year career that included serving as the agency’s deputy director for the Russia probe.


The afternoon of April 5.

Comey reveals to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he wrote the memo to President Trump in which he discussed firing Comey in an Oval Office meeting.

Comey then says he has decided not to testify publicly in the Russia investigation.


The evening of April 6.

Comey is fired by Trump.

He tells the House and Senate intelligence committees that he had nothing to do with the memo and that he didn’t intend to leak it to the press.

He also says he did nothing wrong.


The night of April 7.

Comey delivers a lengthy and emotional testimony before the House intelligence committee.

He admits that he gave Trump an “incomplete” account of the conversation he had with Comey during the Oval Office.

Comey also reveals that he texted him after he fired him, expressing anger over the firing and asking him to tell the Senate to investigate the matter.


The Friday before April 8.

Comey publicly discusses his interactions with Trump in a closed-door briefing.

He is grilled by senators about his conversations with Trump.


The Saturday before April 9.

Comey talks about his role in the Trump administration with reporters at a White House news conference and says that Trump had asked him not to bring Flynn before the FBI.

He later says that he told him to keep Flynn quiet until he learned more about his relationship with Russia.


The Monday before April 10.

Comey speaks before the Senate intelligence committee and confirms that he shared a classified memo with the FBI about his interactions and the Russian government’s efforts to influence the election with Flynn.

He acknowledges that he lied about sharing the memo with his boss.


The Tuesday before April 11.

Comey takes a call from Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence asks him if he thinks there is evidence to back up his earlier claim that Trump fired Comey based on the memo.

Comey replies that there was.


The Wednesday before April 12.

Comey, speaking with senators, says he shared the memo because he wanted to keep Trump’s hand on the Flynn investigation.


The Thursday before April 13.

Comey addresses the House committee again, this time asking them whether there is “anything that we can say that is relevant” to the Russia investigations.

The senators say they haven’t heard anything.


The Sunday before April 14.

Comey testifies before the full House Intelligence committee.

There is bipartisan agreement that Comey should testify.

He begins by confirming that he has “not spoken to the president since he was terminated.”

He also acknowledges that “there is a lot of misinformation out there that I can’t explain.”

He says that the memos he shared with the Senate and House intelligence committees are “pretty strong evidence” that Trump was trying “to impede” the investigation into his actions. 16.

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