Microsoft is adding a new feature to the Windows 10 Creators Update, the company’s digital transformation tool for developers that aims to improve productivity and enhance the way Microsoft’s software works on Windows 10.

The app, called the Microsoft Master Cleaner, works by giving you an overview of your physical health and performance, and it allows you to cleanse your body and mind through the use of various techniques that include meditation, yoga, and yoga poses.

Microsoft said the app will launch in the U.S. on July 18, and the app is available to download for free in the Windows Store.

The Microsoft Master Dishes app for Windows 10, meanwhile, is coming to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone in a few weeks.

It offers an overview, workout plan, and even a meditation program.

Microsoft’s goal with these new apps is to get more people to embrace Microsoft’s vision of transforming the way people use Windows 10 and Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

“With the Master Disks, we’re delivering a fresh new way to empower people to better understand and live their lives,” Microsoft Chief Creative Officer for Devices Chris Gaff said in a blog post.

“We want to empower developers and consumers with the best way to get the most out of Windows 10.”

The Microsoft MasterDishes app is free to download.

For those who want to test the app out for themselves, Microsoft has offered up a free trial.

To get the app for free, just visit the Microsoft Store, go to “My Apps,” and then “Install a Trial.”

Microsoft’s app is a lot like the new Microsoft Fitness app for the Xbox, which was available earlier this year for free.

The fitness app offers an integrated fitness tracker, and you can do basic exercises and workouts on the track, which is basically just an exercise ball with a bar and weights attached.

Microsoft has also announced a new fitness track called the Xbox Fitness app, which allows you access to a variety of activity-tracking apps and is available for free now on the Xbox Store.

Microsoft’s new fitness app is designed to provide users with a “real-time, personalized workout plan that’s designed to help them reach their goals,” according to a Microsoft press release.

You can download the Microsoft Fitness App on your Windows 10 device from the Windows Insider Hub.

You’ll also get an app on your Microsoft Xbox One that can track your workouts and track your steps, which will be stored in your Microsoft Account.

The Xbox Fitness is available in the Xbox Marketplace for $19.99.

Microsoft is rolling out a slew of new features to Windows 10 through its Creators update.

Microsoft is giving developers access to all the power of the Windows developer tools, and this update includes a new “Apps” section in the Start menu that allows developers to create custom Start menu shortcuts, a new option to enable notifications for apps, and a new Start menu item called “Task Manager.”

Microsoft is also adding a Windows Store app that allows users to quickly access their saved apps and games, and developers can choose from a variety the new apps that they would like to use on their Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft has also revamped the way Windows 10 apps look, and is adding new design themes that developers can customize to their liking.

For example, Microsoft is making the Windows Defender app more “immersive,” and it is making Windows Defender a more useful tool for Windows Insiders.

Microsoft also released a new set of features that let Windows 10 users control and organize their apps and files.

In Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, the app’s “Start Menu” has been renamed to “Windows Settings,” and Windows 10 developers can now set shortcuts to access the Windows Settings app, the Windows Search app, or other important apps in the new Start Menu.

Microsoft also said that in Windows 10 Developer Preview builds the app has been expanded to let developers “quickly and easily add a Windows Settings shortcut or add a Task Manager shortcut.”

Microsoft has added several new “task managers” to Windows, including the “Taskbar,” which is a new interface that allows you easily find, organize, and launch your apps.

Windows 10 also includes a “task manager” that allows Windows Insides to view and change task management settings.

The Microsoft Store also has new “start menu” icons, a redesigned Start Menu and a redesigned “taskbar.”

Microsoft is also making it easier for developers to start using the Cortana voice assistant, which can help users find new apps, shortcuts, and other content.

Microsoft announced Cortana in October 2016.

The Cortana assistant will be available for developers through a “Cortana Marketplace” for Windows Insider Previews and a “Customizable” store that will let developers customize Cortana and include it in Windows apps, settings, and games.

Microsoft will also soon offer a “Start” button that will enable Cortana to ask a question, or

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