A few years ago, I took selfies of my body for the first time.

A friend of mine who works in an NGO asked me to take selfies with him and his wife.

It was the first thing he had ever done.

He was in his 30s and I was in my 20s.

At the time, I was very shy and did not want to take pictures with my friends or even with family.

At least not in front of anyone else.

But I did.

I felt good about it.

In the years that followed, I would take selfies in public with my family and friends.

Even my sisters were using them and using them to keep themselves happy.

Now, with the help of our friend and trainer, Dinesh Jain, I take selfies for a living and am now making a habit of doing it.

I am not alone.

In India, selfie-taking is now the norm, with more and more women doing it daily.

And it’s no longer just for men.

It’s a trend that’s spreading all over the world, and there’s no reason why this trend should be confined to India.

In fact, we can say that the trend is universal.

It is not just a matter of men and women taking selfies, but of men taking selfies for women.


Because selfie-takers do not think of themselves as being alone.

It makes them feel more accepted and happy.

In this article, I will explain why selfies are such a universal habit.

The selfie selfie It all began in 2012, when I was a student studying in Chennai, India.

I was invited by a local NGO to give a talk.

In my talk, I shared my personal story about the importance of self-love and how selfies are one of the main tools for self-care.

At that time, selfie makers were mainly men who wanted to get their selfies out in the open.

They used to use their smartphones to capture themselves and post it online.

Nowadays, selfies are also done by women.

And with more women taking pictures, there’s a big demand for selfie makers to have selfies available for everyone.

It also means that selfies are a way for people to connect with their bodies.

They feel that they can take their selfies anywhere, anytime.

There is a huge demand for selfies online because of the selfie trend and also because selfies are an important part of women’s lives.

In other words, selfies have become part of our lives.

And because selfies have the power to connect people with their physical bodies, we should make sure that they are accessible to everyone.

I started taking selfies with my best friend and family members.

We would take pictures and share them with everyone in the house, so that everyone could see our bodies.

I also used to take them when I went to a friend’s wedding and even the wedding itself was not too long ago.

I had friends from all walks of life in my family, and I even took a selfie with my dad for his birthday.

But the trend has gone beyond selfies.

I am also a regular user of Instagram, which has become a great social media platform for sharing selfies.

I take pictures of myself every day and share my best selfies.

In a way, it’s a form of self care.

I don’t think of myself as a selfie maker.

I just think of my best selfie.

I have also been a regular poster on social media and am also using my photos on Instagram.

My friends and I do not even have to think of how we will be seen in the future, but how we are going to be seen by our parents and our family members, who are always looking to see how they are doing in their lives.

There are so many ways that we can use selfies to make sure people see our physical bodies.

One of the most important things that we are doing every day is to keep ourselves happy.

That is the most effective way of ensuring that our bodies are healthy and our minds are clear.

Selfies help us keep our bodies in shape.

When you are taking pictures of yourself, you are also taking pictures about your health.

If you are not getting enough sleep, you will get anxious and feel stressed.

When we take selfies, we are using them as a means of self reflection and keeping our mind clear.

In most of the cases, selfies help us be better, healthier and happier.

When it comes to taking selfies regularly, the key is to be consistent in the way you take them.

If a selfie is taken by yourself and not shared with anyone else, then it doesn’t have any impact on your body.

If the same selfie is shared by people who are with you, then you are creating a bond between the two.

When people take selfies and share their selfies with others, they are sharing a snapshot of their bodies, and this makes it feel more real.

They are showing their bodies to people who they are with, and it is a reflection

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